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Unity or Bust

The end-of-the-year editorial is the hardest to write. Do we go out on a positive note or a negative
one? Do we sign off on an insightful, breezy inflection, or a curse and a careless shrug? This
year has been one of the toughest for the newspaper. Student involvement dwindled, but never
completely ceased. We’ve seen this lack of involvement at a number of clubs on campus. At The
Echo, we would like to stress that all clubs have one common goal: to be an active and successful
part of this university.
In order to be most effective, all clubs must communicate with one another. Political views,
seemingly impenetrable social cliques and other petty areas of conflicts must be brushed aside so
every group and individual can focus on the universal goal of a bonded campus. Groups at West-
Conn are fragmented. The Echo is not exempt from this critique; we fully acknowledge our faults.
Often times we become too wrapped up in our own goal—to produce a paper each week—and
we forget to reach out to other groups. As the university’s paper, perhaps we should do this more
often. In turn, others may have viewed The Echo as unapproachable or forbearing. The best way
to reach us is as always: send us an email and knock on our door. If we’re not there, leave a note.
(The answering machine at the Editor’s desk has been full for five years. Sorry!)
WestConn has enough involved students, but for whatever reason the lines of communication
are misaligned. No group at WestConn functions, specifically, to hurt the university—we have
never seen a case for that, nor can we logically think of the existence for one outside of the ‘just
because’ realm. We need to stop viewing each other as potential competitors and antithetical belief
systems. We need to acknowledge each other, accept our differences, and all work to a common
goal of making this university better. By making this campus better, we could increase the
prestige of the university and therefore make our degrees more valuable. And who doesn’t want
that in today’s job market?
Here’s hoping for the best.
-The Echo

Buybacks, Return Policy and other Questions about the Bookstore Answered
An Interview with Bookstore Manager Holly Beckley

Laura Burgio
Staff Writer

The Echo: What is buyback, when is the best time to sell back your books and how do you determine the amount given to the students?
Holly Beckley: Buyback is when the bookstore will purchase
textbooks back from you. You will need to bring a valid school ID to sell back your textbooks. The bookstore will buyback books no matter where you purchased the book but needs to be in re-saleable condition. We conduct buyback
year round but the best times to sell your textbooks back are during finals week in the months of May and December.
The bookstore will pay 50 percent of the purchase price on books that we have a book order for from the professor for the following term. We will purchase the quantity that we feel we can sell the following
term. If we do not have an order from your professor we will pay you the amount our wholesaler is paying us for the books. The prices from the wholesaler are based on the national demand for the book. The higher the demand for the book the more they will pay you for the book.
The bookstore team works closely with faculty, departments
and administrators to obtain as many book orders for the following semester. This allows us to pay students more money for their textbooks. For the spring semester we offered a “Textbook Scholarship” to every department that turned in their book orders by our due date. We had five departments that met the due dates for book orders and five students were awarded free textbooks to use during the spring semester. We will continue to offer this incentive
to obtain book orders and reward the students.
In December we were able to give WestConn students back $200,000 in cash!
Echo: What are the advantages
of online ordering your books, and how do you order online?
Beckley: All you need to order
textbooks online is to have your schedule ready and go to our website at wcsu.bncollege.
com. Choose from our easy drop down menu to pick your classes. The bookstore will pull and process your order
within 48 hours. We will send you an email notification when your books are ready to be picked up. You can pick up your online order in the store, the Westside campus bookstore
or we will gladly ship them to your address. You will need your student ID to pick up your order. Avoid waiting in line and place your order through the bookstores website!
Echo: What is the return policy and what is the reason behind it?
Beckley: We have a unique business where we order textbooks
and whatever we do not sell we are able to return to the publishers. Although we can return them, our publishers
hold us to very strict guide lines and time constraints. Due to the constraints of the publishers we must start to get ready to return the textbooks shortly after
the start of classes.
[Some rules to remember]:
A full refund
will be given in your original
form of payment if textbooks
are returned with a receipt
the first week of class.With proof of a schedule change and a receipt, a full refund will be given in your original form of payment during the first 30 days of classes.All medical and specialty reference book refunds will be given in your original form of payment with a receipt within three days of purchase
No refunds on textbooks without
a receipt.
Textbooks must be in original condition.
Shipping and handling charges are not refundable.
All Other Merchandise
A full refund will be given in your original form of payment with a receipt.
Without a receipt, a merchandise
credit will be issued at the current selling price.
Cash back on merchandise credits or gift cards will not exceed $5.
No refunds on gift cards, prepaid
phone cards, or magazines.
All merchandise must be in original condition.
Echo: Why can’t we pay with our parents’ credit cards?
Beckley: For security and compliance reasons we prefer
that students utilize other methods to make purchases in the bookstore. The bookstore
accepts the WestConnect school debit card for all purchases.
Your parents can add funds to your card to be used in the bookstore. Students and Parents can always place an order online using a credit card for textbook and school spirit merchandise. The bookstore also accepts Barnes & Noble gift cards for your purchases.

Echo: What should I do if the Bookstore doesn’t have the book I need and what are special orders?
Beckley: There are two things you can do if the bookstore
is out of stock with a book. The first is to order it online and the second
is to place a special order for it. With both of these options you will save yourself time from having to go to the bookstore to see if the book came in. We will notify you when it does.
If you choose to place an online order you may go to our website at wcsu.bncollege.
com If you place an order
online for a book that is out of stock we will put your order on backorder until our stock comes in. Once the book comes in, we will process
your order and send you an e-mail that it is ready to be picked up.
With this option
you pay for the book when it comes in.
When you place a special order in the store you will fill out the special order slip that is on the shelf where the book is out of stock and bring it to a register. You pay for the book at the register and when the book comes in we will call you to let you know it is ready to be picked up. When it is ready just come in and we will already have a copy put aside for you. The best reason to do either of these options
is you are reserving a copy of the incoming shipment where you are guaranteed a book from the shipment.
Echo: Why is the pricing of clothing sold at the Bookstore high?
Beckley: The bookstore only purchases product from our pre-approved vendors. All of our vendors must sign a “Code of Conduct” to ensure fair trade and labor practices are met. We also work closely with our vendors to ensure we have the right product assortment,
graphics and colors to meet everyone’s needs. The bookstore offers additional discounts on Champion and Jansport school spirit merchandise
throughout the year. If you would like to receive notice of our sale events go to our website and register for opt-in emails.
Echo: What does the Bookstore
do for the community?
Beckley: The bookstore does many things to help support the WestConn community. The bookstore gives back a portion of all sales to the University. In addition, we support many departments, clubs and organizations
throughout the year through donations. The WestConn
bookstore also offers Club colors for any organization
looking to purchase items to sell as fundraisers or give a ways at discounted prices. The WestConn bookstore attends many author events so attendees
can purchase and in most cases have the guest speaker sign the book for them.
We have many partners to offer students discounts on items including computers and software. Our partners include
Journey Ed for software and HP for computers. You can log onto wcsu.bncollege.com for more information, click on the Student Offers tab at the top of the page. We are always looking for new way to help our campus and surrounding

SGA: Opinion from the Inside

Richard Kokinchak
Staff Writer

The Student Government Association (SGA) of WestConn is not something that very many students keep up to date on. I am here to give you an opinion of what exactly is going on with the SGA since I am now a senator and sit in on the meetings. This opinion piece is not here to attack anyone personally, but rather just try to keep the SGA from doing unprofessional things.
Last year, the SGA went through their budget for the 2008-2009 fiscal year very quickly. This meant that they had to spend a lot of money out there personal surplus account. The surplus account has only about $231,000 left in it and that account is not allowed to drop below $200,000. This is because the SGA spent all of its general allocations, which was about $630,000 by November of last year. The surplus consisted of about $600,000 at the beginning last year. The SGA blew through a lot of money last year and it is not going to have anywhere close to the amount of money they spent last year. It’s not because of the economy or any other fiscal crisis; it was all spent last year. In the mean time, the SGA of 2008-2009 managed to raise their senate pay to one-sixth of Westconn’s instate tuition and fees. The justices on the SGA get one twelfth. This is on top of the fact the SGA president receives free tuition and fees. Various positions editorial positions, such as the vice president get half tuition and fees. Would anyone be willing to take a pay cut? I don’t think I will be taking my pay as a senator; it seems to me a waste of student money. Last year the SGA managed to buy an HD television for their office. They also managed to find the money to buy a nice water cooler for the SGA office. All of this was paid for with your student activity fee.
The first meeting I attended was Monday night and it was quite an interesting experience. Unfortunately, I do not have a copy of the minutes in front of me; however, I would like to point out something that I was disappointed in during my first SGA meeting. I was told to not wear jeans to the meetings again, which is an acceptable request. I understand that the SGA wants to keep their meetings professional but as the night went on I was disappointed in certain things that were issues far bigger than what the senate was wearing.
One of the first things to occur at the meeting was an appointment to the open senate seats. There were a lot of eager candidates ready to join. This was my experience as a new senator: One SGA member was telling me who to vote for and who not to vote for. I was very disappointed by this. I was being told how to vote as if I didn’t have an opinion but rather that I was a body just sitting there to be a second vote for someone else. This disappointed me greatly and I viewed it as offensive as this was to be a secret ballot vote.
Some comments made during the meeting were unprofessional and offensive. When Senator Chris Eide was asked to serve as the committee chair of the rules committee by another senator he accepted. Another SGA member commented on this acceptance by stating: “That’s unfortunate.”
Now here we have a Eide, a senator who is willing to take on what is a time-consuming job, and I hear a comment like this. It was uncalled for. A comment like this is what keeps the SGA from being taken seriously by the students of WestConn. It was probably a good thing then that no students were there to even hear it in the gallery. However, I’m sure that most of the new senators (including myself) who are not used to these childish antics were disappointed.
I should take this time to mention that when I ran for SGA senate I acted very immature. I am not perfect. I must point out that I was not an SGA member at the time and like most of WestConn, I saw it as something that is not to be taken seriously. However, I do believe during the actual meetings none of this garbage should be going on. These students are in charge of a lot of money that really doesn’t belong to them. Many of the issues on the SGA could be solved if members
would stop being personally offended when they disagree with each other. The petty attacks and personal backstabbing need to stop because they are affecting
the student body. Do not

Inquiring Photographer

“What do you think, or what have you heard, about the budget cuts at WestConn?”

Chung Li, Junior
“I don’t like it and I am sure my parents won’t either.”


Dan Chechoski, Sophomore
“I have heard they [WestConn] accepted more students than they usually take. They are doing it almost as if to make money.”


Jacob Putkowski, Senior
“Paying more money isn’t very fun.”


Joe Massimo, Junior
“I have been investing a lot of time here and I am going to continue until graduation, even if tuition goes up. ”


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